Realistic Pokemon Pokeball Replicas For Sale

Want to be a Pokemon Master? Too bad because I’m going to be the master! there can be only one! But in the meantime you can pretend to be a master with these great Pokeball replicas for sale by PTX. Each one runs from $100-$150 but man are they cool looking. Each one has light-up effects around the ring button and your choice of clean or battle worn finish. The downside is that they don’t open though. Doh! Looks like there will be more versions on the way. Hit the jump for pics of the others




6 thoughts on “Realistic Pokemon Pokeball Replicas For Sale

  1. real keen to buy one of these. e-mail me if they are still on sale. i couldnt fnd the button :I

  2. Dude these are awsome. Listen I know how your shutting down pallet town exports and all but this was literally my favourite game ever, is there any chance of me buying one , if so please email me at
    Love the work by the way

  3. Hey man these are pretty sick are they still being made if so i wud like to buy one of each