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Chris Bores Lectures

Lecture Chris Chris Bores is one of the leading lecturers on the paranormal and what he has learned by interacting with spirits through a brand new communication skill set. He is lighting the paranormal world on fire by linking ghost hunting with concepts found in ancient texts like the Tibetan Book of the Dead and more. Chris brings together his research, evidence caught in the field, 10 years of experience, and great enthusiasm to the subject of the paranormal which entertains many audiences.

Some of Chris’s lecture topics include:

Ghosts and Hauntings

Chris reveals his many encounters with the paranormal. Being a tour guide at a haunted location, these come in no short supply! Many of these encounters involve uncovering truths about the afterlife that have never been talked about everywhere before now. Chris takes a serious and unique approach to the paranormal that results in paranormal activity that rival no other lecturer!

Groundbreaking Spirit Communication

Chris has created an effective skill set to use in the field of ghost hunting that pushes the envelope of communicating with a spirit to its limits. No one has been able to surpass the level of success in interacting with spirits as he continues to get conversations that reach 30, 60, and even 90 minutes long! Chris provides insight into what is talked about and a few universal truths that pour out of these interactions.

Pop Culture Paranormal

Chris talks about all the trending pop culture paranormal themes and breaks them down to reveal how these things could actually exist in our world. From movies to TV shows, everything is linked through his research of interacting with spirits and studies of ancient texts. Ghosts, Demons, Zombies and more!

Chris’s 6 Classification’s of Spirits

Chris has created a revolutionary way of classifying spirits that allows for better addressing what ghost hunters find in the field. In between the worlds of light and dark, are countless shades of grey. You won’t hear about the common “types of ghosts” lists that ghost hunters use like poltergeists, shadow people, etc. This subject matter is broken down even further through a psychological means. Chris engages the audience by talking about each spirit class through his various interactions with them.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

This text has been critical in Chris’s case study about the afterlife. Learn about what is addressed in this valuable text and how it relates to ghost hunting. Learn about the vast amount of wealth this text tells us. Much of the concepts in this book can easily be overlooked. Chris will break it all down for you.

World Religions and the Paranormal

Learn about various religions from around the world and their common beliefs about the afterlife. Catholism, Buddhism, Judaism, Kabbalah, Egyptian, and more are explored as Chris addresses their afterlife views, common deities, and practices.

Paranormal Secrets Revealed

From the countless interactions Chris has had with spirits, he has pulled from them some of the most groundbreaking information about the afterlife you will ever hear from a ghost hunter. By using psychology, philosophy, ancient texts like the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, and even quantum physics, secrets of the afterlife and revealed for the very first time.

Mechanics of the Afterlife

Chris dives into subjects of the afterlife to explore layers of reality, Heaven, Hell, and the densities of each. Never before has the afterlife been presented in a way that circles back to the paranormal and to the discussion of what lies beyond.


Here’s What People Have said about Chris:

“I am so intrigued. I want to know what spirits are sensitive about!” – Melissa Andrews, Fox News

“You sound mathematical in this approach! You’re kind of like Da Vinci.” – Mike Shannon, Star 105.5 FM

“One of my longest sessions with the dead was 10 minutes. With Chris, it seemed like a solid hour.“ – Matt Hladik, Ghost Tour Guide


To inquire about booking Chris Bores for your paranormal event, please write: theirategamer@aol.com