Chris Bores has delivered a wide variety of shows to the public including Pursuit of the Paranormal Ghost Hunting, Irate Gamer Video Game reviews, Irate the 80’s, History of Video Games and more.

Chris Bores is the first ever Ghost Behaviorist.. He is a student of psychology and eastern philosophy. Through his endeavors, he has created new a brand new approach to ghost hunting that is breaking all the rules. Interacting with the dead and interviewing them has never been more revealing through his methods!

Chris has spent years studying the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’, psychology, sociology, world religions, quantum physics, and more to help find the next level of ghost hunting.

From this, he has broken down the spirit world by psychological mindsets of spirits in order to chart out problems plaguing the paranormal and how to treat them. He relies on many years of study into various topics and cultures to accomplish this goal.

In his documentary, ‘Pursuit of the Paranormal’ Bores shows how effective these tools are in the field as they obtained the first ever 90 minute interaction with a spirit. Interactions in the field have lasted 30, 60 and even 90 minutes long proving he is indeed changing the game.

With the advent of the book, “Ghost Hunting 2.0,” Bores breaks new ground with brand new theories and insights about the paranormal afterlife that explain everything from residual hauntings to mindsets of spirits.


Chris Bores is currently the ghost tour guide for the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio. He has been featured on Coast to Coast AM, TRU TV, Hardcore Pawn, CBS News, FOX News, “Dayton Ghosts”, “Star 105.5″ Morning Radio, Toledo Blade Newspaper, 1370 AM Morning Show, Toledo Free Press, and previously YouTube’s 55th Most Subscribed Channel in 2010.