Ducktales Remastered Gets Golden NES SWAG

I’ve been loving the new Ducktales Remastered Game, but seems like some awesome SWAG has come out of all this Scooge McDuck Hoopla. Capcom usually sends out some great swag from time to time, but this time has me drooling and foaming at the mouth, as well as cursing Capcom for overlooking this Ducktales promoting Irate Gamer!

This awesome set contains a Golden NES Ducktales Cartridge that actually plays the original NES game, lunchbox, and a host of other goodies. I also see some giant Scrooge McDuck Coins in one picture. Good lord, who do I have to kill to get one of those? Lousy Capcomians! They will rule the day they passed me by… ahh who am I kidding. I’m going back to playing video games. Hit the jump for more pics of this awesome set.









Thanks to Adam for the tip!