Mysterious Paranormal Secrets Revealed Ghost Lecture

The Journey Expo Cleveland 2014

Lakeland Community College Kirtland, Ohio (30 miles east of Cleveland)


Coming at you on Sept 6th, is The Journey Expo, featuring a one-of-a-kind 17′ Copper and Crystal Pyramid, Coast to Coast AM’s George Noory, and a lecture/Workshop presented by Chris Bores

Ghost communicator Chris Bores has spent years refining a skill set that allows him to pull information from spirits during his ghost hunting investigations. For the very first time, you will learn secrets about the afterlife that have been undocumented until now. This includes classificationsChris Bores Image of spirits, their states of mind, what happens after death and much more.  
Chris takes those revelations and decodes them through ancient texts like the Tibetan Book of the Dead and Egyptian Book of the Dead, and concepts found in Kabbalah, psychology, and more. The paranormal will be explored in a brand new way as secrets of the afterlife are finally revealed.


Chris Bores is one of the leading ghost communicators in the field of ghost hunting. In the documentary, Pursuit of the Paranormal, he was able to obtain a 90 minute conversation with a spirit. He has devised his own skill set to use in the field of ghost hunting and has clocked in hours worth of interactions with spirits. He continues to push the envelope in ghost communications and is on a mission to keep uncovering undocumented evidence about the paranormal afterlife.

Admission is $25.00 for the event