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Haunted Pocatello High School Security Camera Capture Ghost Student?

Over winter break at Pocatello High School in Idaho, security camera capture footage of a ghostly figure.Leading up to this weird event, the lights in the hallway began flicking off and on, and then during the event, one of the cameras picks up a hazy mist like figure zip from the water fountain, walk over to the bathroom, back out and down the hallway.

To add to the story, students have reported bathroom toilets flushing by themselves, people feeling uneasy in the theater since there have been numerous reports of unexplainable people talking or the piano playing by itself, as well as a dark shadow in the rafters area. Investigators have linked 6 people that have died there including girls with a suicide pact that hung themselves, a librarian who hung herself, and a boy that drowned in the original swimming pool which was taken out.

I would like to add my two cents on this event since Pursuit of the Paranormal is a case study on the afterlife. First check out the video for reference

If you’ll notice, the lights first begin to blink out before this apparition appears. This is very telling because it shows us something amazing. Spirits that burst into our realm are a rare thing. If we look at the quantum level of how a spirit has to break into our world, it has its work cut out for them as they have to first manipulate the quantum foam that makes up all reality and start a chain reaction that breaks into our reality.

Ghosts are energy. For them to pull off something as big as bursting into different realities, they will all the energy they can get their hands on. The spirit in this instance look like they pulled energy from the entire surrounding area including the schools electrical system knocking out the lights for a few seconds.

Successfully the spirit takes full form (or as much as a spirit can take being observed in front of a camera) and wanders around the physical plane. This action doesn’t last long because this entity did not originate here. Another part of quantum physics tells us that anything that is not a part of our reality has to go. For this spirit to momentarily materialize is quite a feat! Amazing piece of evidence if you ask me.