Classifications of Spirits1 

Six Classifications of Spirits

My new Classification of Spirits list has been created by using psychology to group spirits together and determine the ailments plaguing them. This list is not to be confused with the ‘spirit type’ lists usually seen on many ghost hunting websites which contains some of the following categories: Ghost, Ghoul, Poltergeist, Phantom, Shadow People, Intelligent haunting, Residual haunting, Demon, ect.

The drawback to these kinds of lists is that spirits are grouped according to their appearance and how they affect the physical world. When grouped in this manner, these lists tell us nothing on how to interact with them or how to remedy one. They are more akin to what is given to a bird watcher. To me, ghost hunting should not be like bird watching. I have been able to identify six different types of spirits. These have been grouped together based on their needs, wants, and behaviors. The six classifications are the following:

HUNGRY SPIRITS The term “hungry” is derived from the hungry ghost or Preta concept taken from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. They are dubbed “hungry” because of they are trying to satisfy their psychological hunger. This comes in the form of clinging and craving things like unfinished business, an attachment to an item, a goal, a person, or even wanting human form again.

CONFUSED SPIRIT – These are spirits that are in a state of confusion which limits them from knowing basic things like if they are dead, who they are, where they are, and more. This confusion stems from denial of death, the way they died, or an extreme level of hunger. This eventually leads to all sorts of problems that trap them inside of a world of illusion created by their own mind.

WANDERING SPIRITS – These are spirits that have no affiliation with the location they are haunting. They have entered into an area from another location because they are either passing by or have been attracted to it and decide to take up residence there. These spirits know they are dead, have come to terms with it, but still have a level of hunger that keeps them attached to the human realm.

STUCK SPIRITS -These are spirits that tend to remain at a single location because they do not have the ability to leave on their own accord. This is because they are either emotionally stuck or physically stuck to an area. Emotionally stuck spirits are fearful of venturing outside their comfort zone. Physically stuck spirits are bound to a location or item through a ritual or act. Both spirits types know they are dead and can be introverted to some extent.

DESTRUCTIVE SPIRITS – These are spirits that harbor malicious intent with the sole purpose of spreading disorder and destruction where ever they go. When people say misery loves company, these spirits are no exception to that rule. When the emotional states of all the other spirit types reach their peak, they spin out of control and cause emotional instability to classify them as destructive.

NON HUMAN – These are spirits that do not directly come from the human realm but instead have travelled her from another realm of existence into our own. These entities include angels, demons, jealous gods, animals, and more! There is not much to comment on when addressing these types of spirits since they are very rare to encounter. Even if you do, most of them will not give up any kind of information about who they are, where they come from, and why they are here.