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Tibetan Book of the Dead

No other ancient text has been as important to understanding the afterlife than the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This document has proven invaluable to our research. It contains insights into the spirit world so that we can understand how to approach the spirit realm. By cross referencing spirit mind states from psychology with the concepts found in this ancient text, truths about the spirit world begin to makes sense in a way never brought to light. The Tibetan Book of the Dead was the first of its kind. It is a text that explains what happens to the soul moments after death and all the pitfalls a spirit can potentially run into.

In this book, we find that there are 6 realm in existence that all interact with each other. Many of these contain the very spirits we keep on encountering during our pursuit of the paranormal.


  • Human Realm –  Everything in this realm revolves around the theme of repetition. The ebb and flow of construction and destruction is constant. Think of the yin and yang symbol. Creation is followed by destruction which is then followed by more creation and destruction. It is a never ending cycle.
  • Hungry Ghost Realm – The Hungry Ghost realm contains souls that are constantly clinging or craving to a person, item, or goal. Sometime the hunger to fulfill or satisfy a desire will drive them to the point of madness. Their goal will be forever unfulfilled. They are obsessed with chasing after unattainable tasks and this craving existence will forever play out and cause them suffering until the cycle is broken.
  • Hell Realm – Existing in the Hell realm causes unbearable misery to be endured. There are many different ways souls are tortured here. All these terrible things will keep playing out until the soul has paid off all the negative karma they acquired through life. Once the soul is purified from this karma, it is free to evolve into a higher state of existence.
  • Deva (GOD) Realm – When you think of this realm, think of the gods found in Greek mythology. Everyone here is greedy and arrogant. This realm is all about experiencing the pleasures of bliss to the point of becoming lazy and slothful.
  • Animal Realm – Having an ignorant or delusional mindset causes one to de-evolve into the animal realm where only immediate needs are met to sustain an existence here. You can eat, sleep, and procreate all you want. Self-gratification and low expectations are also the backbone to this realm. Since one has to de-evolve to come here, concepts like humor, laughter and sadness are not felt by these souls.
  • Jealous God Realm – All entities here are consumed by fighting, envy, and extreme jealousy. They constantly fight for control, plot, and quarrel in an attempt to gain the upper hand. The conquest to acquire more and more drives their every move.


Egyptain book of the dead Egyptian Book of the Dead


These funeral texts have survived many centuries to provide us with an excellent wellspring of knowledge. No one else uses the concepts found in these texts to aid them in their endeavors of the paranormal. This is critical since the very reason the Egyptians scribed their funeral texts onto the walls of burial chambers was so that the dead could read them in the afterlife without the use of a body. This would allow even lost souls to figure out what they needed to do in the afterlife. This insight alone shows us that they knew what they were doing when it came to the afterlife.